Latex Free Plastic Medical 5ml Disposable 2 Parts Syringe

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32 years Focus on medical syringe
1000,000,000 pcs Capacity
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ENFIT syringe/insulin syringe/hyaluronic acid syringe

  • Type of company: WE Are Manufacturer
  • Product name: Disposable Syringes
  • Sample : Free sample for u
  • OEM: Available
  • Validity date: 3 years
  • Sterilized: EO gas
  • Stock: YES
  • MOQ: 100000PCS

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Product name
Disposable syringe
luer lock or luer slip
Specification model


syringe, natural rubber stopper or synthetic rubber stopper, push rod, needle
This product is used for liquid extraction and injection, for subcutaneous intramuscular injection and blood sampling, and used by
medical staff
independent packaging, optional PE or paper-plastic packaging
Disinfection method
ethylene oxide sterilization
1. The user must have relevant medical knowledge
2. Pay attention to the expiration date of the product, it is prohibited to use it after expiration
3. This product is a sterile product, if the packaging is damaged, please do not use
4. This product is a one-time product, it should be destroyed in time after use
1. The syringe is made of medical-grade high-transparent polypropylene, with good transparency, clear and easy to read.
2. The two-piece syringe does not contain rubber plugs and silicone oil, reducing manufacturing pollution and reducing oxide content.
3. Selected stainless steel materials, the needle is polished, the edge is smooth and no burrs, and the double bevel is precisely
designed to reduce the discomfort of the patient, the tissue wound is smaller, and the healing is easy.




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