Sterilized Medical Disposable 1ml Light Resistance Syringe With Needle

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32 years Focus on medical syringe

1000,000,000 pcs Capacity

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Low Dead Space Syringe/Light Resistance Syringe/Feeding Syringe/Blood Collecting series

  • Type of company: WE Are Manufacturer
  • Product name: Disposable Syringes
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  • OEM: Available
  • Validity date: 3 years
  • Sterilized: EO gas
  • Stock: YES
  • MOQ: 100000PCS
  • Price: 0.2-0.6USD

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    - It is a small-volume syringe made of a plastic polymer that blocks ultraviolet light to prevent the degradation of light-sensitive medications.  

    - The 1ml size allows accurate measurement and administration of small doses of medication.  

    - It comes with an attached sterile needle to make injecting medication easier.  

    - The needle size depends on the viscosity of the medication and injection site on the patient.  

    - Light resistant syringes protect medications like chemotherapy drugs that could be rendered less effective if exposed to light.  

    - They help maintain drug potency and stability during administration.  

    - These special syringes are only used by licensed medical practitioners like nurses, doctors, or pharmacists.  

    - Proper training on the preparation, handling, and disposal of needles and medications is imperative.  


    Light Resistance SyringeLight Resistance Syringe Light Resistance Syringe

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  • Light Resistance Syringe With Needle

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